Why Copytrack is so successful in the United States – an opportunity for photographers

America, the land of opportunity – a title that’s also fitting when we talk about the enforcement of claims for copyright infringement. Contrary to Germany, the […]

The corona pandemic and its impact on the creative industries

The outbreak of the corona virus is causing concern around the world, affecting businesses of all sizes – from multinational corporations to local corner shops. The […]

Copytrack negotiates settlement: Leipzig hotel ordered to pay 25,000 EUR in damages!

In a legal battle with a renowned hotel in Leipzig, Copytrack has been able to reach a settlement for a Berlin-based photographer in the amount of […]

This Is How the Copytrack Image Search Works

As a photographer – whether you do it professionally or just as a hobby – you know the problem of online image theft. Many people consider […]
Lightroom Plugin Installation

Copytrack’s New Lightroom Plugin Simplifies Upload of Photos

You asked and we delivered – our new Plugin for Adobe Lightroom is finally here! Our Lightroom Plugin is the next step in simplifying the process […]
Mann mit Kamera vor Skyline Singapur und Concensum Logo

Good News for Photographers: Concensum Provides a Worldwide Copyright Register

We’re thrilled to report that Concensum now offers a Global Copyright Register for images. Photographers and other image rightsholders can securely register their images and applicable […]
COO Sandro Maeder spricht auf der Photofuture zu Bilderdiebstahl online

Copytrack Presents Global Scale of Image Theft Online at London Photofuture

In March 2019, the Copytrack team joined the London edition of PHOTOFUTURE – a workshop series that takes place in different cities around the world and […]
Image Theft by Nation

Global Infringement Report 2019 ► Tracking Worldwide Image Theft

On any given day, countless images are used all over the internet, many of which are stolen. Studies by IMGembed and Copytrack show that of the […]
Fotograf schaut aus Flugzeugfenster

2019 – Important News For Photographers

As we transition into 2019,  this year will bring about some updated  laws and regulations that will affect photographers. We’ve rounded up all of  the most […]