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Good News for Photographers: Concensum Provides a Worldwide Copyright Register

We’re thrilled to report that Concensum now offers a Global Copyright Register for images. Photographers and other image rightsholders can securely register their images and applicable usage rights in this blockchain-based registry and, forthe first time ever, monitor how their pictures are used across the world. Images are continuously tracked online upon registration to ensure maximal transparency. The best part about the registry is that after registration, image rights are permanently and irreversibly embedded in the Blockchain.

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First Ever Worldwide Registration for Images

Until now, tracking unlicensed images has been a laborious task, since an image’s metadata is often lost once it’s posted online. As a result, users often don’t know who owns a given image and, therefore, assume that the image is available for use without purchasing an applicable license.

With Concensum, it is much easier to show image ownership – copyright holders simply verify their identity and upload their images. After that, a hash value for the image and information about the photographer is written into the blockchain. This image registrationprocess permanently links images with their respective copyright holders and allows rightsholders to easily prove their ownership. When an image is registered with Concensum, a certificate that serves as proof of copyright ownership is granted to users for each registered image.

Why is it Important for Photographers to Register Their Images?

Contrary to popular belief, it is no longer absolutely necessary to specify that a work is copyrighted. German copyright law, for example, “automatically” grants copyright protection from the moment a work of art is created. In theory, it is therefore unnecessary to apply for or register a copyright.

Nonetheless, it is still important for photographers to display a copyright notice along with their images in case they ever have to prove ownership. German copyright law includes a clause detailing the presumption of ownership (Urheberschaftsvermutung). Photographers can use this clause to shift the burden of proof if they state in their pictures that they are the copyright holder. In such a case the named party is considered the rightsholder in accordance with section 10, subsection 1 of the German Act on Copyright (UrhG) until the opposite is proven.

In practice, copyrights are commonly registered to make it easier to prove copyright claims. In the event of a claim for damages, a rightsholder with proof that they are the copyright holder is at an advantage. This can also be advantageous for international legal proceedings when what’s known as prima facie evidence is available. As digitization progresses, such evidence will become increasingly important.

National registries, such as the US Copyright Office in the USA, have become common-place in many countries. The Concensum Global Copyright Register offers another opportunity for photographers and other rightsholders to quickly and easily register their pictures so that they can better prove ownership in the event of legal proceedings.

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Global Copyright Registers for More Transparency

Once a picture’s copyright is registered with Concensum, it is automatically protected because its online usage is continually monitored by their technology partner Copytrack. When systems detect that an image has been used somewhere on the internet, the rightsholder is sent a notification to their Concensum account. With just a click of the mouse, users can see where their images are being used throughout the world.
As you can see, the register offers two distinct benefits. On one hand, it improves the reliability of evidence, which in turn also increases the probability that a post-license is purchased or a court case is successful. On the other hand, it creates more transparency. This benefits not only photographers, but also those interested in using their images because they can rest assured that they’re on the right side of the law.

Strong Recognition of Secure Blockchain Technology

Modern blockchain technology and a multi-stage verification process for rightsholders ensure maximal security on the Concensum platform. Concensum Global Copyright Register features have already been met with enthusiastic support. The HTW University of Applied Sciences in Berlin is eagerly following developments and is leveraging this use case to create new case studies.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katarina Adam (HTW Berlin) sees an interesting use case for blockchain solutions in Concensum:

Concensum is a valuable tool that enables photographers to register their digital contentonline, track the use of their content and receive fair compensation when their work is infringed upon. The service also has good prospects for use with other digital content, such as videos and music.

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Written by John Peacock



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