A Match Made in Heaven: Copytrack & Adobe Lightroom

The Adobe Lightroom Plugin simplifies the process of uploading pictures to the Copytrack app and makes it easier to manage your collections.

MacBook zeigt Adobe Lightroom Plugin Installation

Using Copytrack Is Made Easier with the Lightroom Plugin

The new plugin simplifies the process of uploading pictures to the Copytrack app

Fotos hochladen

Install Our Adobe Lightroom Plugin Now

Automatically Sync Images

Transfer your Adobe Lightroom structure to the Copytrack app

Fotos synchronisieren

Save yourself the trouble of managing two sets of photos and instead simply copy your individual collection structure with the help of the Lightroom plugin. Whether you’re working with individual images or large sets of pictures, the new plugin lets you upload and organize your pictures to the Copytrack app even quicker and easier. The Adobe Lightroom plugin simplifies your workflows and saves you the need to switch between programs.

Find Stolen Images Online

What happens after I upload my pictures?

Once you’ve synced your pictures with the Copytrack app, we’ll begin monitoring their worldwide usage to detect cases of image theft. You can see all matching hits in your inbox in the Copytrack app. 

Give our worldwide image search a try and let us help you lay claim to what you rightly deserve!

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