Questions and Answers

Answers to frequently asked questions about Copytrack

How can I register with Copytrack?

Registering with Copytrack couldn’t be simpler: Click on „Login“ in the top right hand corner of our website and follow this link:

Click on „Create account“ on the following page, fill in all the fields and follow the instructions, in a few minutes the registration process is complete and we look forward to working with you!

Which countries is Copytrack’s service offered in?

Copytrack searches for your images worldwide and also offers the image post-licensing worldwide. If there is no agreement with the infringer, we can still enforce your rights in many countries.

How many images can I upload?

As soon as you have registered with Copytrack, you can upload up to 1000 images immediately for monitoring. If you have more images you wish to upload, please contact our support team who are happy to increase your limit for free. To contact us just fill in our contact form here.

How does the image search work?

We use several state-of-the-art technologies for our Reverse Image Search, such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Our new image-matching software not only uses the metadata of a photo but also compares the images at the pixel level. This enables us to find even duplicated or modified images.

How can Copytrack offer its service for free?

Our innovative technology allows us to search the internet for your images efficiently and evaluate hits automatically. Therefore we can offer our service to you risk-free. We finance ourselves exclusively through the successful enforcement of your image rights. Only in the event of success will Copytrack receive a commission.

Do I incur any costs by using Copytrack?​

No! Copytrack is free to use and we only take a commission if we are succesful for you.

Typically you will receive 55% of the license fee or compensation we achieve for you. For more detailed information, please visit our „Pricing“ page. Billing is done automatically and so you don’t have to worry about anything.    

How long does it take for a case to be successful?

As soon as you hand in a case to Copytrack, our team starts enforcing your rights. First we will offer the infringer the chance to retroactively license the image(s) which can be done via our secure online portal. The entire post-licensing process usually takes about two months.

If the post-licensing process is unsuccessful, we will start the legal enforcement of your rights. The legal enforcement through a dunning procedure up to a court case is often a long process and can take a number of years to complete. In this case we ask for your understanding and most of all for your patience.

What type of images should I use the Copytrack service for?

In order to make your search for illegally used images as effective as possible, we recommend that you only upload images you have already sold for online use or those that are freely accessible online.

Only these images can be stolen and found by our search engine.  In addition, the upload time is shortened by your preselection. This speeds up the search and makes it easier for you to keep track.

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