COPYTRACK is 100% risk free

No win, no fee – we retain a commission only in the case of success

No risk,
no hidden fees!

Monitoring up to 500 pictures with our highest-accuracy image finder is free. And our enforcement services are always free for you – we only receive a commission if you get paid.

You keep 55% of any compensation or post-licensing fees and we have you covered for all legal steps we might take on your behalf.

Of course, billing is completely automatic to save you valuable time. You never have to pay in advance.

Without Help

On your own it is almost impossible to find all copyright infringements on the internet. You will only find infringements after tedious and extensive searching. In legal proceedings, you can lose without expert knowledgeeven if you are in the right.


You stay in control of your case through the entire process, from the initial image search to legal enforcement. Our team does all the hard work for you.

With Your Own Lawyer

A lawyer knows the legal procedures, but cannot process & monitor hundreds of cases simultaneously like an IT system. If you lose, you usually bear the costs of the case and the lawyer. If you win, you may upset a potential client.

No financial or legal risk

Copytrack bears your complete risk

We stand up for the image rights of photographers and fight globally for their enforcement.

There are no prepayments, no fees, no lawyer fees and no court costs. Copytrack only receives a commission in the case of success.

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