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Our service is designed for anyone who makes images available on the Internet. These images are stolen countless times every day, illegally copied, and often used commercially without remuneration. The authors suffer enormous financial damage due to lack of income. Currently, there is very little one can do as a copyright holder. Copyright infringements are difficult to trace and are considered a trivial offense. In addition to the time required to find and punish a copyright infringement, proceedings usually always involve a legal risk.

At Copytrack we want to reduce these unsettling circumstances and provide our customers with a tool that they can use to assert their rights easily and without risk.

We offer our service free of charge and bear all the costs of the proceedings. Only in the case of success do we retain a commission. A fair agreement on all sides is our first priority.

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The Problem

Millions of images are stolen and illegally used on the Internet every day. Especially for photographers, publishers and picture agencies, this causes significant financial damage. So far, authors have been largely helpless in the fight against copyright infringement, as it is still considered a trivial offense. On one hand, the search for stolen images takes a lot of time. On the other hand, legal enforcement carries a legal risk – if you lose the case, you are still left with the costs.

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The Solution

Copytrack provides its customers with an all-round service that allows them to assert their rights easily and without risk. Our service is free of charge and we bear all legal costs. Only if we succeed, do we retain a commission.


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