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How Does Copytrack Find The Images?

From image upload to a hit



Image Processing

After images have been uploaded to our app, the system scales them to an optimal size. Our software then extracts an individual fingerprint from the uploaded images, and stores them in the Copytrack image index. 

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Searching The World Wide Web

We use different types of web crawlers. Web crawlers are programs that automatically browse the Internet. This way, we search millions of websites every day and index millions of images to compare with the Copytrack image index.



Comparing With The Copytrack Index

When directly comparing the found image with the individual fingerprint of the original image, possible differences such as scaling, color changing, filtering, cropping, resizing and collaging are taken into account. The resulting matches are temporarily stored by our system and prepared for your hit display.

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Refining The Hit Data

Before a hit is considered, a lot of data has to be added to the found matches: Information such as the finding page, storage location of the hit image, image publication date, and operator of the finding page is determined. Using this information, the copyright owner can quickly determine whether the image user has obtained a valid license to use their image.

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