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COPYTRACK makes image rights research via API more comfortable

COPYTRACK releases two free-of-charge interfaces for developers, photographers and picture databases. 

As of now, COPYTRACK provides APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for its service. The portal for image research and image rights clearance allows an unlimited connection to its services. Via the User-API, developers can integrate the services of the Berlin-based business in its web as well as app offers. COPYTRACK thus offers its users access to its technology. Developers may develop their own applications and plug-ins in order to connect to the COPYTRACK services. The Business-API provides an extended interface which grants picture agencies, publishers and news agencies an easy integration of their clients and partners into the developed apps.

“With a number of extensions via different applications it gets easier for right holders to use the COPYTRACK services,” states Stefan Bär, COPYTRACK CTO. Picture agencies, photographers, graphic designers, publishing houses and image data bases from all over the world count among the list of clients of the Berlin-based company. In order to provide an optimized service for the differing demands, the COPYTRACK team developed two interfaces.

The User API is aimed at all developers who would like to integrate the COPYTRACK offer into other services and applications such as Adobe LightroomAdobe Photoshop or Gimp. Thanks to the new interface, in-house developed connections by clients and their developers can be linked to their existing COPYTRACK accounts. For users such as photographers or graphic designers, images can thus be uploaded one by one or as a bundle from the respective application into “collections”. The search of re-used images then starts automatically. In addition to this,  the API enables a fully automated synchronization between various applications and the COPYTRACK account of the user. If COPYTRACK finds duplicates online, they will be indicated in the application directly.

The Business API aims at those publishing houses, picture agencies and picture portals that may integrate the COPYTRACK offer in their own services and applications. Similar to the User-API, the business version optimizes work processes of COPYTRACK partners. Even the partners’ clients can profit from this new interface as it allows the creation of their own COPYTRACK account via the partnering portal. Their images and graphics will then be imported directly from the application or the portal of the partner. Duplicate of the images on the internet will be indicated to the users of the partnering portal.

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“In addition to our unique image recognition software and our world-wide free service, the new APIs allow us to clearly break away from our competitors,” says Marcus Schmitt, COPYTRACK CEO. “We are looking forward to the feedback and are curious to know in which contexts the APIs will be applied.”

On its developer page, COPYTRACK offers comprehensive documentation and provides help for the integration of the interfaces.

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About Copytrack

COPYTRACK was founded in 2015 by Marcus Schmitt. Our service is aimed at photographers, publishers, picture agencies and e-commerce providers. We enable free detection of stolen images on the Internet, as well as, international legal enforcement.


We are fighting for fair payment for photographers, picture agencies and publishers. Use Copytrack to find illegally used images free of charge on the Internet, and to take legal action against copyright infringements.