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COPYTRACK caters a fair competition and protects your portfolio. The use of the COPYTRACK platform is free.

Owning an online shop means a lot of competition. Not only service and order processing are crucial for positive customer experience but also an attractive assortment and its presentation.

Producing decent product images is expensive and a considerable investment into your shop.

A lot of competitors tend to circumvent these expenses and steal your images, often without you knowing since the products are identical.

With COPYTRACK you can reveal image theft easily and conveniently. We search for your pictures worldwide.

If you find an unauthorized use of your images, we handle the licensing of your investment.

We not only manage the time-consuming processing but also the full risk for you.

Our service is free of charge for you. With a successful post-licensing you will receive 70% of the royalty fee, COPYTRACK will receive a 30% commission.



Three steps to score. Riskless.


upload images

point-22x8Upload your pictures either directly, or via Dropbox
point-22x8Create collections and categories
point-22x8Search proceeds automatically and constantly

selects hits

point-22x8Mark illegal images among the search results
point-22x8Filter already licensed pictures
point-22x8Even whitelist whole domains or single hits

lean back

point-22x8Assign a royalty fee
point-22x8Delegate the mandate to us
point-22x8We take care of the rest while you can lean back