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New Portal Speeds Up Agreement Between Photographers and Infringers

Copytrack solves 45 percent of all cases by subsequent licensing*.

Berlin, April 17, 2018: Since mid-April, the image rights portal Copytrack offers a new portal for agreement between photographers and infringers. It speeds up the clarifying and fair conclusion of a case of unlawful use of third-party images on the Internet. Depending on the legal situation and agreement status, an image user has the choice to acquire subsequent licence or to initiate the payment of damages directly via the portal.


“With the new settlement portal, we enable an even faster and smoother clarification of recognising if pictures are stolen,” states Stefan Bär, Copytrack CTO. Clients such as photographers, agencies and publishers commission the online settlement portal the right to search for duplicates of their images on the Internet. Among the hits, the authors name the images or graphics that are used without their consent and without a license. They themselves determine the amount of their usual licensing price. The new settlement portal is used when the image owners authorize Copytrack to regulate the theft of photos. It starts by confronting the image user with the infringement. The image user is given the option of explaining possible misunderstandings and providing a valid license. He can also indicate from whom he received the image or where it was found. After all, Bär and his team know that not every abuse is malicious and can sometimes just be a mistake.

SettlementPortal_ScreensIf there is no license, the user is to be held responsible for the misuse. Via the portal he can acquire a subsequent license for the image and thus bring about a quick conclusion of the case. If the user waives a license and thus continues to use the graphic or photograph, the settlement portal offers the option of paying damages directly for use in the past. In both options Copytrack provides the common payment methods such as Paypal, credit card and Sofort Banking. 45 percent of all cases of picture theft are resolved by Copytrack in the interest of its customers by subsequent licensing.

The Settlement Portal is available in eleven languages (German, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, Polish). If no agreement is reached after six weeks at the latest by subsequent licensing or claim for damages, the case will be legally enforced. And an agreement on the settlement portal is no longer possible.

*Copytrack data evaluation. Successfully closed cases in 2017.

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