1.7 billion Images Stolen Ever Day: COPYTRACK handles licensing online for rights holders
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May 9, 2016

1.7 billion Images Stolen Ever Day: COPYTRACK handles licensing online for rights holders


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Online service for photographers, publishers and image databases relies on a fair process of post-licensing.

Portal presents itself a photo congress PICTAday and CEPIC

Berlin, April 20, 2016: Every day more than two billion digital photographs are uploaded and shared on the Internet. Renowned image portals estimate that approximately 85 per cent of these are still used digitally without valid licenses. In the past, copyright owners lacked a free search facility, enabling them to track down their own images on a large scale reliably and to claim royalties without a legal risk. The COPYTRACK portals offers a worldwide solution for this and presents it at the Munich´s PICTAday and the CEPIC in Zagreb.

COPYTRACK sees itself as a partner for photographers, image agencies and publishers. Our portal detects worldwide copyright infringements of digital photographs and graphics and regulates them fairly for its users. The service includes a permanent search with easy handling, using a complex image recognition technology. “With our high-performance search, we can easily cover the entire Internet, which would be difficult for our customer. The search accuracy of all search jobs is over 98 per cent, “commented the founder and managing director Marcus Schmitt.

COPYTRACK offers its customers an all-round solution so that they can concentrate on their actual work without having to worry about the loss of income through unauthorized uses. Since the service is almost fully automatic, COPYTRACK can offer its search function completely free of charge. And whether an amateur or a professional, they can decide the amount of post-licensing fees for each of their images. As an aid, COPYTRACK offers an automatic license calculation according to approved tables (MFM calculator).  The copyright owner is always left to decide whether he wants to ignore unauthorized use, settle out of court or to take further legal action. “Finally, through fair and out-of-court settlement, new permanent business relationships can arise,” says Marcus Schmitt.

In order to promote the fair re-licensing. The portal also offers an automatic “platform for integration”, so that rights owners and infringers can find each other. When it comes to a judicial process, there is no risk of with COPYTRACK. COPYTRACK assumes all responsibility with its international partner attorneys and provides the evidence for the court hearing. Whether judicial or out-of-court, COPYTRACK is able to make a post-license payment to the customer of 70 per cent. COPYTRACK then receives the remainder of the 30 per cent of the sum for its services.

COPYTRACK at trade fairs:

21.4. PICTAday, Germany’s largest trade fair for image buyers, booth 58

24.-27.05. CEPIC in Zagreb at table 25



COPYTRACK (www.copytrack.com) was founded in 2015 by Marcus Schmitt and currently employs about 20 employees from legal, IT, customer service and finance. The service is aimed at photographers, publishers, image agencies and ecommerce providers. Its service includes a risk-free search of the Internet for photos and graphics uploaded by users at COPYTRACK with a hit accuracy of 98 per cent. The customers define images used without a license and even determine the amount of subsequent fees supported by an automatic license calculator on the portal. COPYTRACK is fully responsible for an out-of-court solution in 140 countries as well as judicial settlement in the areas relevant to copyright law. Only if the license has been successfully licensed, the rights holder receives 70 percent, COPYTRACK 30 percent of the agreed sum. The pure search function is free of charge.



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