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,,I am hooked on Copytrack” – Interview with Adrian Albrecht

Adrian Albrecht visited us in Berlin to get to know Copytrack better and to talk about his work with Copytrack.
During this meeting, we conducted an interview with him, where we discussed his work with Flaconi, challenges with Copytrack, and his successes.

Adrian Albrecht is a Berlin-based full-time photographer, specializing in product photography. He has worked with one of the largest German beauty companies, Flaconi. Adrian is also one of the most successful Copytrack customers.

What is your background, how did you become a photographer?

I enjoyed photography and went to photography school. It ran two years between the age of 16 and 18 and in the end, I started thinking that product photography was something I would enjoy doing. After concluding my education, I faced the risk to have to go to the Bundeswehr (unemployment agency), which I really didn´t want to do so I opted for the possibility of volunteering for a year. After that, I started to work as a photographer in Berlin that is when I saw the ad for the gig with Flaconi.

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Image: Adrian Albrecht

How did you end up doing the job for Flaconi?

I saw that they are searching for a photographer who's building their own photo studio. And I thought this was a great opportunity for me.

How would you describe yourself as a photographer?

I am more a technical photographer, who only takes product photographs. However, in the next years, I will more focus on creativity than on the technical things.

Do you agree that more images are getting stolen now? And why do you think that's the case?

It's easy to steal pictures on the Internet. I guess with product images, demand is growing because e-commerce shops keep popping up. On the other side, sharing on social media like Instagram increase circulation. I don't know if people know that using pictures is stealing pictures. Sharing is another thing because you can always add credits. But if you steal it and use it commercially, it is image theft and thus also a copyright infringement.

What is your impression from working with Copytrack?

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Image: Adrian Albrecht

My impression of work in Copytack is most of the time really positive. It's nice because I think the people are always helpful and you try to solve problems or win challenging cases. However, sometimes it's not really clear what's going on in the background. When a case is handed over to a lawyer it can take a long time to receive any news.

How much work is it for you to submit the case in the app?

It's not a problem for one, two or three cases. It is a problem for hundreds and hundreds of cases. It would help if there were better batch settings for example.

What would you say is the most challenging part working with Copytrack?

In the beginning I uploaded pictures and submitted claims and it took about six months before I had any returns, so I needed to be patient. But then it paid out! It is better if you have hundreds of pictures uploaded, and then you see the results. Another thing, which is really frustrating but not COPYTRACK’s fault, is that infringers often say that there is nothing creative about product images. It is absurd, because most of my clients pay me for making sure it is just a product in front of a white background and to shoot a good one takes a lot of work. Infringers often say, yes, we can make other pictures with any background and add a nice story behind it. However, nobody will steal or buy a product if it's not with a white background. So who decides it is not creative enough. Is a pop song less worthy than a classical song, who decides this?

Do you have anything else you want to add what we could make better?

One of best thing would be to have access to more information as the case passes through the system.

What would you say is the most exciting part working with Copytrack?

Getting money, the first time and seeing that the system actually works! And when sometimes you have a case and you see “oh, that's €9,000 “! In the beginning, I thought sums like that were unrealistic, but yes, it is true that COPYTRACK can achieve compensations of this magnitude.

Thank you for Adrian for the great Interview! 



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